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Small Realms are a subfeature of Realms.


Some realms may be designed from the beginning to be a smaller scope than this. We call these “Small Realms” and they have to have 8 or fewer cards. The primary use case of “Small Realms” would be to officially group together sets of cards such as the Who/What/Where/When/Why or Nekomancer cycle. Anyone can make a card for a Realm, and when you successfully submit a card belonging to a Realm you become a Realm Member. However, if any of the Realm Admins (max 2) veto the card, it will not get in. Realm Admins also have the power to veto flavor or lore related changes to cards in their Realms.


(Note: Written in the perspective of the devs.)

  • Small Realms are a way to officially group together sets of cards which are connected but don’t need all the baggage of a full Realm. This is a good way to create cycles of cards, such as the Nekomancer cycle from week 57, if you want to.
    • Small Realms need to have a design goal which explains what the total number of cards will be. This can (and usually will be) less than 8, minimum 2. They can be “completed,” like an age, when the target number of cards have all been added to the game. So if the Who/What/When/Where/Why cycle of 5 cards is done, the Realm has been completed.
    • Small Realms do not have ages, and cannot have Legendaries.
    • Small Realms don’t have rarity restrictions, you can make a Small Realm with seven rares for example.
    • Once completed, a Small Realm cannot have its lore changed, just like an Age. Realm Administrators of a completed Small Realm are free to become admins of another Realm once it’s complete, but nobody can be the Administrator of multiple Realms, small or otherwise.
  • You can essentially omit any aspect of a Realm, call it a Small Realm, and have it added to the game. Some examples:
    • Small Realms don’t need to say they are from a specific realm (“from X”). They can just be a cycle.
    • Small Realms don’t need lore.
    • They’re basically official ways to codify cycles or other little sets of cards.
  • Small realms don’t get any of the “rewards” for completing a normal Realm, except that when players complete a small realm they will all be rewarded with 500 gold instead of 1000.
    • If people cynically toss everything they make into small realms of size 2 to get an extra 500 gold out of the process we’ll take out the gold reward.

List of Small Realms[]