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Name Mind
Affinity Mind
Rarity Undraftable
Realm None
Tribal Type None
Release Week Season 2 - Week 8
Cost 0
ATK None
HP None
Text Players cannot play units this turn.
Creator Name Empty Folder
Artist Name Puapka
Playability None

Decks containing this card[edit source]

This card isn't in use in any of the decks on the wiki.

Mind is one of the affinities in Collective.

There are correctly 2 mind heroes in Collective: Ashgerdy and Vriktik.

Theme[edit | edit source]

The theme of Mind is magic, strategy, and design. To reflect that the Mind affinity have keywords and mechanics like Mana bursts, Card Draw, Action recursion, Self-Mill, Self-Discard and Self-Pings.