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Maria is an unlockable spirit Hero introduced in Patch v1.1.0.

Marie as well as all her rewards are illustrated by Anastasia Gorbachyova.

Background and Lore[]

Marie is a prodigy in healing alchemy and speaking with the dead. Through careful study and preparation, she becomes momentarily possessed by the recently departed, in order to gain their skills and aid.



+2 EXP if two or more units enter your graveyard each turn.

Banish all actions that enter your graveyard.

Level Up Rewards[]

Level 2[]

  • EXP Requirement: 4

Create Eau D'Ange.

Given Marie's passive banishes all actions that enter your graveyard, Eau D'Ange tends to be returned from Banish to your hand.

Level 3[]

  • EXP Requirement: 13

Possession: Marie gets "Hero Active: Pay 1 mana. Banish the top unit of your graveyard. Pay its Summon, Entomb and Active abilities."

Level 4[]

  • EXP Requirement: 25

Create House of Zombi.


  • Prior to Patch v1.1.1, Marie's passive to banish actions could only trigger up to 13 times a turn due to the Rule of 13. After the patch, hero passives were made exempt from the Rule of 13.