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Passive and Rewards[edit | edit source]

Passive: +1 EXP if two or more units enter your graveyard each turn. Banish all actions that enter your graveyard.

  • Level 2 Reward, Vitality potion: "When you play or discard this, gain 3 HP and Choose a friendly unit to give 3 HP to. When you level up return this to your hand."
  • Level 3 Reward, Book of spirits: "Marie gets 'Hero Power: Pay 1 mana. Banish the top unit of your graveyard, play it's Summon, Entomb and Active abilities.'"
  • Level 4 Reward, House of spirits: 0/4 cost 6 "Immortal. Your Active, Summon and Entomb abilities happend twice."
  • Level 5 Reward