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Kyung Mi is an unlockable neutral Hero that can alter her affinity by changing her Outfit.

Kyung Mi as well as all her rewards are illustrated by Raluca Porumbacu.

Background and Lore[]

Fashion icon Kyung Mi was perhaps the most famous citizen of Ethea, but behind the scenes she tirelessly fought to undermine the realm's tyrannical AI regime. Wanderstar, a complete technological backwater, has tested her ability to survive. A combination of wits, adaptability, and top-of-the-line cybernetics have allowed her to flourish as always, and she remains committed to her personal war against synthetic intelligences of any kind.



Your Outfit determines your Affinity.

Scout when you level up.

Kyung Mi Outfits[]


Give a Strength unit in play or in your hand +1 ATK and Duelist.


Give a Spirit unit in play or in your hand +1 HP and "Entomb: Draw a card.".


Your next Mind card costs 1 less.

The Empress[]

Your units get +1/+1, Duelist, and "Entomb: Draw a card." Your cards cost 1 less.

Level Up Rewards[]

Level 2[]

  • EXP Requirement: 3
Up and Coming: Change to the Outfit of your choice, and gain your Hero Active.

In-game screenshot example of Kyung Mi's Hero Active's reminder text.

  • The referenced "your Hero Active" translates to "Hero Active: Banish a card from your hand to switch to the next affinity in order and trigger its Outfit swap effect. Gain +1 EXP. (Fast)." It's actually never stated in this exact manner in-game - see below. In the Hero view it isn't stated what the Hero Active does at all.
  • The reminder text for the Hero Active changes accordingly in-match. For example, if you're currently wearing the Mind Outfit, the Hero Active's reminder text reads out as "Banish a card to switch to Strength Affinity and trigger its Outfit swap effect. Gain +1 EXP. (Fast)"
  • Even though the in-match Hero Active's reminder text omits this detail, you always Banish the card from your hand when you active it.
  • The initial Outfit choice, as well the full rotation cycle, is made up of the three affinity Outfits: Strength, Spirit, and Mind. You can't choose The Empress Outfit nor can you swap to it with the granted Hero Active.
  • With the initial Outfit choice, you immediately trigger its Outfit swap effect.
  • After the initial Outfit swap, rotation from Outfits happens in order from Strength to Spirit, Spirit to Mind, and Mind to Strength.

Level 3[]

  • EXP Requirement: 7

(No reward.)

Level 4[]

  • EXP Requirement: 11

(No reward.)

Level 5[]

  • EXP Requirement: 15

(No reward.)

Level 6[]

  • EXP Requirement: 19

(No reward.)

Level 7[]

  • EXP Requirement: 23

Change to The Empress Outfit. You lose the Hero Active. The Empress Outfit is neutral, so your affinity becomes Neutral because of the Hero passive.


Costume Party Kyung Mi[]

"Costume Party Kyung Mi" is additional unlockable cosmetic Hero skin for Kyung Mi.


  • In Patch v1.1.0, Scouting a card as an automatic auxiliary reward for leveling up with any hero was removed from the game, Kyung Mi was granted it specifically as an additional level up ability, making her now the only hero to Scout a card on level up.
  • Prior to Patch v1.2.0, all of Kyung Mi's outfit swap effects were slightly different:
    • The Strength Outfit used to be "Give a Strength unit in play or in your hand +1/+1 and Duelist."
    • The Mind Outfit used to be "Your next Mind card costs 2 less."
    • The Spirit Outfit used to be "Give a Spirit unit in play or in your hand 'When this unit attacks, draw a card.'"
    • The Empress Outfit used to be "Your units get +1/+1, Duelist, and 'When this unit attacks, draw a card'. Your cards cost 2 less."


  • Alternative version of Kyung Mi's base art exists, in which she has bunny ears. It can be found here.