Collective Wiki

Collective is unique in utilizing Heroes and the EXP System as an integral part of gameplay. Heroes aren't actual units or cards, but act as a reward system through which you can receive a free unit on board, a spell in hand, or a passive ability that lasts for the duration of the game. The nature of heroes, their passives, and their rewards shapes the playstyle of the decks built under them, while allowing enough flexibility that multiple archetypes can be built under one hero. Building your deck to best take advantage of a given hero's traits is a pillar of Collective’s gameplay, and enables a further layer of variety beyond the affinity system.

List of Heroes[]

Heldim Pearlmaw Baldwin
Heldim.jpg Pearlmaw.png Baldwin slice.jpg
Buluc Dhat Marie Hawkins
Heroes 2.png Dhat.png Marie full.png Hawkins slice.jpg
Vriktik Ashgerdy Lazaro
Vriktik.jpg Ashgerdy.png Lazaro slice.jpg
Kyung Mi
Kyung Mi.jpeg

EXP System[]

Each hero has 4 different rewards specific to them, provided sequentially when they level up. Leveling up happens as certain EXP thresholds are reached within each match, which are reset once the match concludes, with the exact thresholds differing for each hero.

Players begin a match with a hero of their choosing and 0 EXP. EXP is attainable through three ways:

  • At the beginning of each turn, each player gains 1 EXP.
  • Each hero has a unique passive ability that triggers once per turn, and providing you with a set amount of EXP if you meet that condition.
  • Cards with effects that grant you EXP.

When a player levels up, they receive the hero rewards for that level.