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Gold is the currency used for feature-related transactions.


Card rewards[]

Each week, those who had submitted cards are awarded gold for each card that is accepted into the game. The exact reward amount depend on the work done on the card, and are as follows:

  • Complex cards that handle weird cases properly = 3000 gold
  • Cards with a reported game system bug = 3000 gold (Card will be put on hold from collection until bug is fixed)
  • Simple cards & complex cards with subtle bugs = 2000 gold
  • Cosmetic updates that change the art significantly = 2000 gold
  • Cards with obvious, unreported game system bug = 1000g (Card will be put on hold from collection until bug is fixed)
  • A card with obvious, player-made bug = 500g
  • Cards with nonfunctional, nonexistent, or unfeasible blocked effects will be disqualified.

Daily quests[]

Players can complete daily quests by participating in matches. Each day the player gets a new quest and can raplace up to one quest each day. The player can have up to 3 quests active at a time.

Quests list

500 gold reward:

  • Play 3 multiplayer games as a "certain affinity" hero.
  • Win 3 games as a "certain affinity" hero.

400 gold reward:

  • Play 3 games as a "certain affinity" hero.

Match wins[]

Winning a single or multiplayer match awards 30 gold.



Players start with three basic heroes available to them: Heldim, Buluc, and Ashgerdy. Vriktik can be purchased at 6000 gold, while Pearlmaw and Dhat can be purchased at 10,000 gold each.


Players start with three deckslots per hero. Additional deckslots can be purchased at 3500 gold each.


Amber is the currency used for card-related transactions.


Daily Rewards[]

100 amber is rewarded for logging into the game each day. This bonus is doubled on Fridays.

In game drafting[]

When a player levels up in game, they draft a card, and are allowed to choose a card from the ones they've drafted that game to put into their deck. If they choose not to put any drafted card into their deck, they will receive an amount of amber proportional to the highest rarity present of the drafted cards. The conversion rate is as follows:

  • Common - 5 amber
  • Uncommon - 10 amber
  • Rare - 30 amber

If a player puts a drafted card into their deck, then decides to remove it later, they will receive amber compensation with the same conversion rate, according to the rarity of the removed card.

A normal in game draft has a 1 in 10 chance of turning into a blueprint draft (in-game), after rarity calculations. Cards drafted from an in-game blueprint draft will be usable immediately, but will also have their blueprint added to the player's collection.

Blueprint drafting (out-of-game)[]

Blueprint drafting is the process through which players can convert their gold into amber. When a player blueprint drafts, they receive a small amount of amber, averaging around 100 amber.

Should all four available blueprint options are duplicates of those they already own, they will receive amber compensation with the same conversion rate as in game drafting, according to the rarity of the blueprint they chose.



Card blueprints can be purchased directly from the collection, with different amber costs depending on rarity. The prices are as follows:

  • Common - 50 amber
  • Uncommon - 100 amber
  • Rare - 275 amber
  • Legendary - 325 amber


Achievements are a way to earn both gold and amber. Some achievements are permanent and some are seasonal.

Permanent Value Season 1 Value
Win 5 Colosseum games 1000G Win 15 Games as a Streath Hero 500A
Craft a card's blueprint in the collection 250G Win 15 Games as a Mind Hero 500A
Play 10 Versuse or Colosseum games 2000G Win 15 Games as a Spirit Hero 500A
Win 10 Versus games 1000G - -
Win 10 Astral Gauntlet games 1000G - -
Successfuly complete a Colosseum run 1000G - -