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Dhat is the spirit Hero players start unlocked with. His initial deck is Dhat Starter.

Dhat as well as all his rewards are illustrated by Giacomo Autili.

Background and Lore[]

A nature god from a heavily industrialized realm, who seeks to keep the wilds of Wanderstar unspoilt.



At the start of each turn, if you control the unit with the highest HP, +1 EXP.

Level Up Rewards[]

Level 2[]

  • EXP Requirement: 4

Create Bip and Bop.

Level 3[]

  • EXP Requirement: 13

Create Sezark.

Level 4[]

  • EXP Requirement: 25

Create Great Landwyrm.


  • Dhat's passive used to be "At the start of each turn, if you control one of the units with the highest HP, +1 EXP."
  • Dhat used to have a level 5 reward in the form of The Wilds Restored.
  • Bip and Bop used to be 1/2.
  • Great Landwyrm used to be a 7-cost 6/6 spirit Wyrm with Overrun and "When this enters play, your other units get Ward until the end of the next turn. Entomb: Two random friendly units get +3/+3 and Overrun. Silence this."