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Blank blueprint

Collective's collection system takes the form of blueprints. The collection doesn't contain individual copies of each card. Instead, once the blueprint of a card is obtained, the player is free to put as many copies of it into their deck for a small price per copy, up to the 3 copies limit. Obtaining blueprints is the only way to put cards into a deck aside from in game drafting.

Blueprints can be directly purchased in the deckbuilding/collection screen. The rarity of a card determines its blueprint amber cost.

Blueprint Draft[]

Blueprints can also be obtained from an out of game blueprint draft. Each blueprint draft costs 750 gold, and will offer one of four blueprint choices of the same rarity, as well as a moderate amount of amber. The drafted blueprint will not be added into any deck.

Duplicates of already owned blueprints may be offered, in which case an amount of amber will be given instead based on the rarity, in addition to the normal amber reward.


Decks in Collective are bound to the hero it's created under. This means that a Heldim deck cannot be played with Buluc unless it's rebuilt in another deckslot under him. Each hero starts with three deckslots, but new deckslots may be purchased at 3500 gold each.

Decks may contain a minimum of 45 cards and a maximum of 300 cards. Up to 3 copies of each card may be included, regardless of rarity.

When building a deck, players choose which cards they would like to add to their deck from their blueprint collection. Removing a drafted card from the deck will give an amount of amber depending on its rarity. Those choices aren't confirmed until the player saves their changes, and the deck alongside any amber expenditures can be reset to its initial state before the current editing session if not saved.

New players receive a starting deck for each hero, except Pearlmaw and Dhat. The cards in those lists can be removed and replaced, but will not give any amber in return.

A drafted card's rarity determines its amber reward when removed from deck.

The filter tools can be used to speed up the searching process. They are as follows:

  • Search box - can be used to search for card name, tribe, and ability text. Does not reference creators and artists.
  • Affinity filter - can be used to only show cards of certain affinities. Cards matching the lit-up affinity icons will be shown.
  • Sorting selection - can be used to order cards by cost, alphabetical order, or release date.

A collection of deck archetypes and lists can be found here.