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Passive and Rewards[edit | edit source]

Passive: +6 EXP when you damage the enemy player three times in one turn.

Playstyle and Strategy[edit | edit source]

Ashgerdy's abilities lends to an variety of playstyles that utilize her XP and mana ramp abilities to produce strong burst turns. Her passive's condition can be met by any kind of damage, and gives 5 EXP in a single turn if the condition is met, which can easily let her reach her level 2 and 3 rewards in the first few turns. Ash decks thus run a variety of ways to trigger the damage, from simply running an abundance of small evasive units like Spookiest Boi, Baby Diver, and Bullfrog Trainer, to other direct damage sources such as Stranded Sailor, Spicy Meatball Surprise, and Rainbow Breath Whelp. Her level 2 and 3 rewards both provide strong ramp, with her level 3 Give the Order being her powerful signature card, enabling both go wide aggro and ramp strategies while helping to trigger her passive. Her level 4 rewards high EXP gains, synergizing very well with her passive and any EXP-focused deck, providing continuous high-value board presence. Her level 5 fits right into the go-wide gameplan to trigger her passive, synergizing with cards like Tunneler Worm to take the win. Since all of her rewards put increasing amounts of units in play and a common strategy for her passive is to flood the board with units, it's important to recognize when to stop playing and/or trade off units to make space for her reward's unit generation.

Background and Lore[edit | edit source]

Federation commander Ashgerdy didn't grow up in the military. She began by working in corporate espionage, and invested her money in a private clone battalion, which was acquired by the Imperial army. But she's never been marooned before, especially not somewhere out of the range of communication with her home systems.